What if Beethoven wrote a modern rock symphony for multiple guitars, bass and drums...

What could a symphony of electric and acoustic guitars sound like? Instead of a strings section of violins, violas, cellos and double basses, what if multiple guitars using various tones and effects were employed?

Our vision is to present predominantly electric guitar compositions that combine the power and energy of modern rock music with the multi-layered and instrumental symphonic approach of a classical composer.

The music of SCGO is not 18th century classical chord structures and melodies played by 21st century guitar players. We are not attempting to simply play classical music with modern instruments.

Additionally, it is not modern rock guitar instrumental music that focuses on solo playing to emphasize the shredding skills of a virtuoso guitar player. The emphasis is on the composition as a whole and not on any one individual player.

Idyllwild Mountain Symphony is SCGO's debut composition and recording. A four movement modern rock symphony that chronicles a traveller's metaphorical journey from discovering to conquering a great mountain.

Music available at iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.
Contact us for obtaining the score.

SCGO's second symphony currently in production: "The Edifice of Sound: Reflections of a Guitar Architect..."




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